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Re: 5ktq/2e2q tire size database update

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998 four.rings@mcione.com wrote:

> > Attention all big quattro&turbo drivers:
> > 
> > Please send the following details. All participants will get back a copy
> > of the final results.
> > 
> > Car/year, wheel size/offset, tire size/maker

'86 5000 CS Quattro


fr 16"x8.5" ET35 w/245/45-16 Dunlop D40M2 - all stock - no rubbing
rr 16"x7.5" ET45 w 225/50-16 Dunlop D40M2 - ~1.5deg neg camber, otherwise 
stock, no rubbing.

This combo handles _very_ well on the track BTW.  One of the nicest 
handling cars I've ever driven at Waterford.


15x7 ET36 w/215/60-15 D60A2 all around.

Also, with Hoosier autocross radials, tyhe 245/45-16 wouldn't even think 
about fitting under the fenders.   This just points out that not all 
245s are created equal.  Some are wider than others.  :-)

Graydon D. Stuckey

"There's alot more to Jazz than just wrong notes"