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Reset Ur-Q ECU

Hi guys,
I just called the guy with the Ur-Q for sale in Redmond.  I live in Los
Angeles, but my brother lives in Redmond.  Car doesn't run:  guy says Ned
said that the ECU was shut down when IC moved 1/4 to 1/2 inch in an
accident.  Guy says car is absolutly drivable if you can get it started.  

Anybody know this car?

How do you reset the ECU (disconnect the battery?)?

My nephew will go look at it and take pictures for me.

I have excellent resources to fix this car, so if it is not to bad, I could
fix it nicely.

Please Help Me, I'd love to have an Ur-Q

Gary Lewis 196km 86 5KCSt 5sp 1.8 Bar
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