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Jetronic cleaner and sludge remover

In message <v04003a15b1da892bd3cb@[]> Brett Dikeman writes:

> Sounds like 0W00 oil.  Perhaps, if one doesn't want to do a really involved
> job, one could empty 2 quarts of the old oil, add 2 quarts of the flushing
> oil, run it for 15 minutes, then drain it all and fill with normal fresh
> oil?  I have a B&D hand-pump and a piece of tubing I bought that will snake
> down the dipstick and can siphon off oil...

No, you drain _all_ the old oil, including the filter.  Otherwise it
dilutes the flushing oil.

I expect those with bigger sumps (how much does a V8 take - 11 litres?)
need to use more that 2.5 litres?

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