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Wheels to 4K from Saab?

	Mark wrote:
	>I know for a fact that the SAAB 99 and SOME 900's have 4 bolt 
	>patterns.  I'm looking at my '80 99GLi and see 4 lug nuts.  If
I still 
	>had my acessories catalog, I could tell you for sure, but so
can the 
	>Tire Rack.  They have a website with virtually every car (that
has been 
	>imported to the U.S.) listed as to bolt pattern, offset, and
o.e.m. tire 
	>sizes, plus one and sometimes two fittments.  Doesn't help for
	>clearance though. I suppose a quick check of disk diameter
would help, 
	>but the SAAB tended to have funkey calipers.

	OK all, Since I've accidentally jumped in on this thread, I have
to step up to the gun and admit;. I WAS WRONG!
	Many current Saab and Audi owners on the list have been out and
checked their cars and provided updated information on the 4 versus 5
lug bolts. I simply remembered incorrectly from my previous Saabs back
in Sweden (but was darn sure for a while...).

	Sorry for the bandwidth,
	P-O Selander
	89 100 E (four lugs)
	91 300 ZXTT (five lugs) - for sale