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Re: FYI: Audi radio

It's the original 13 year old radio cassette, which means the head will be
worn down, the sound will be dull and hissy, the rollers will eat your tapes,
and the radio buttons are all stuck since the springs are gone.  Caveat

87 5kcst
899 200q


>Location: Meadville, Pennsylvania
>     This stereo is from my Audi Coupe GT (1986) and it is the original
>cassette player
>     made by Blaupunkt. It has seperate bass and treble controls, seek, scan,
>     autoreverse, and programable radio. email with any questions. Pirce is
>	http://ep.com/ep/mi.html?ad=105879
>	Richard
>	88 90Q - <insert pithy witticism here>
>	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally

>This is the same radio as the one in the 5kCST[Q], 86/87 years.  For anyone
>who doesn't have a working radio, it's a good, solid replacement.
>Reception is excellent; the tape deck isn't half bad.  Power output is
>sucky, though.  Can't beat $40!