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Re: Reset Ur-Q ECU

I just got back from taking a look.  It's worse than the initial
description would imply.  The grill is pushed into the intercooler
which is pushed into the timing belt cover and PS pump.  Timing belt
cover is bent.  Intercooler is most likely leaking.  The right headlights
are smashed and pushed back into the hose which goes from the airbox
to the turbo.  This hose is old and frayed to start with.  PS pump
bracket may be bent.

Left fender took it on the nose and is now concave at the end.
Both fenders appear to be pushed back - there is little to no
gap at the rear of the fenders.  Paint is cracked below the
bottom right of the windshield - it may be bent there.

Needs new paint (it's black).

Leather on the front seats is very cracked.

> I just called the guy with the Ur-Q for sale in Redmond.  I live in Los
> Angeles, but my brother lives in Redmond.  Car doesn't run:  guy says Ned
> said that the ECU was shut down when IC moved 1/4 to 1/2 inch in an
> accident.  Guy says car is absolutly drivable if you can get it started.  

ECU is powered from the ignition circuit.  It's reset every time you start
the car.

The engine turns over, but sounds like there is no compression.
Frequency valve is buzzing, so the ECU is somewhat alive.
No spark that I could see.  

Thoughts - timing belt broken/skipped?  It would explain the lack
of compression and spark.

> My nephew will go look at it and take pictures for me.

Have him take a compression guage.

> I have excellent resources to fix this car, so if it is not to bad, I could
> fix it nicely.


Radio is gone - holes in door where speakers once were.  Apparantly the
AC didn't work.  Power locks intermittant.  Power mirrors bad (last two
probably wires in the drivers door).  Steering rack is leaking.

I'd take the $4100 car that was advertised on the list earlier over this one...