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Hydraulic garage lifts...

This isn't related to Audis per se but does anyone have any first-hand
experience with those hydraulic lifts advertised in Hemming's that stack two
cars in the space of one?

The house I'm buying only has room for two cars in the garage but it has a
9' ceiling, which I think is tall enough to let me use one of these lifts
... of course, this also means I have to convince my girlfriend that
spending $2500 or so on one is a better use of our money than buying a new
washer and dryer or refrigerator, which may not be easy to do.

On the other hand, I figure this will let me stack my Ur-Q and 4k racecar
then park my 200q alongside ... if you've ever sat on black leather seats
while wearing shorts after they've been exposed to the desert sun for
several hours in 110+ degree weather, then you'll understand why this isn't
necessarily the luxury you might think it is!  :^)

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