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HELP - URQ - Dead, Alive, Dead, Alive, Currently Dead

In message <000201bdb4fb$f1c12580$db2b63c3@N.A.Raby> "Nigel Raby" writes:

> After a 20 mile spirited drive yesterday evening URQ was left parked for
> 3hrs, On return it would not start, just gave a little pop & then dead.

Sounds like a failed injector tip seal.

This causes the residual pressure in the fuel lines to fall below the
point at which the pressure inhibits vapourisation.  When you come to
start the car, there's no fuel in the lines and the ur-quattro doesn't
run the pump until the engine's turning.  The 'pop' is whichever
cylinder the fuel leaked down into clearing itself.

Take the thing to a competent fuel injection specialist and get a
residual pressure check performed.  It only takes a few minutes.  If you
bring the car to Coy's at the weekend, let me know when you'll be there
and I'll do it.

If it _is_ a failed tip seal, there's an outside chance that it's a
piece of fuel crud ('varnish') that's come loose and settled in the
orifice.  You can sometimes clear these with a fierce dose of injector

 Phil Payne
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