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Re: intensive washer systems(those who have it, read.)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Fred Munro say:

>     I had the intensive wash system on my Canadian '86 5ktq. According to
> the manual, a special detergent was available to use in this system which
> would whisk off insects, oil film, grit, grime, and other road debris like
> magic. Unfortunately, the local Audi dealer had never heard of said magic
> elixir. I added regular washer antifreeze to my intensive wash system and
> used it as a back-up to the main system. I don't know how useful these
> systems really are - I suppose it depends upon the effectiveness of the goop
> you put in them!

Sounds like the P21S washer enhancer that I see at my local
foreign parts place. I'm surprised the dealer doesn't know
about it, since they sell P21S *EVERYTHING*.

It claims that it will get rid of all sorts of nastycrap (tm)
from your windshield.


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