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RE: Tire size for A4

I am about to acquire a set of 17x8 rims for my 1.8T A4.
Standard tire size is 205/55x16.
I want to keep the same circumference to retain speedo accuracy and keep
transmission ratios the same.
I am unsure what 17inch tire gives the same rolling radius - my dealer tells
me 235/45x17 but I thought from other sources that people are using
My preference is for a 235 or 245 width so please help if you have the data
on wheel circumference for these size tires compared to standard.
No debate on merits of wider tires please - I know that wet/dirt performance
will be a little worse - this has been done many times and I don't wish to
restart old threads :)

Many and heaps of TIA.

Greg Spark
'96 1.8Tq 5 sp, mtm 187 chip, K&N, Remus = 195-200hp
Ming Blue Heaven