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RE: 093 vs. 016 tranny -- differences?


Here are my thoughts on the 093 and the 016 boxes. I
went through the 016 thing a while back when researching
a gearbox conversion.

According to my "oh-so-technical" Haynes manual for the
100 and 200, the 093 seems to be for the 1.9 litre I5
motors and the 016 for the larger, more powerful 2.0,
2.2 (2.1?), 2.3 and turbo I5 engines.

The book only lists one 093 gearbox fitted to the 100 and
200 or 5k. I assume this gearbox was used before on
smaller Audis with smaller engines. The gearing for the 093
(093 3Q):

   1st: 2.84:1
   2nd: 1.52:1
   3rd: 0.90:1
   4th: 0.64:1
   5th: 0.48:1
   Rev: 3.16:1
   F/D: 5.22:1

Whenever I hear about manual gearboxes on the list I just
get told to use a 016 gearbox. Looking at the Haynes
book I see that this is not so simple as there are 5
variations on the theme that seem to have fit to the 100
and 200 cars. I remember looking online at a quattro 200 20V
car and saw it had the same gear ratios as the 016 5N
gearbox (the only 016 with a 4.11:1 final drive, all the
others seem to run 3.89:1). Also, from past readings on
the list I hear the common final drive for quattros is
4.11:1, but can't remember if this was the same for the
FWD type-44 cars. Here are the boxes from the Haynes book:

             AAZ     3V      3K      5N      3U
             ------  ------  ------  ------  ------
      1st:   3.60:1  3.60:1  3.60:1  3.60:1  3.60:1
      2nd:   2.13:1  2.13:1  2.13:1  2.13:1  1.88:1
      3rd:   1.46:1  1.46:1  1.36:1  1.36:1  1.19:1
      4th:   1.07:1  1.07:1  0.97:1  0.97:1  0.84:1
      5th:   0.86:1  0.83:1  0.78:1  0.73:1  0.64:1
      Rev:   3.50:1  3.50:1  3.50:1  3.50:1  3.50:1
      F/D:   3.89:1  3.89:1  3.89:1  4.11:1  3.89:1

The Haynes book does not deal with quattros so I guess
these were fitted to FWD I5 2.0-2.3 litre motors.

I've dealt with some folks who have manual boxes for the
NA I5 2.2L 100/5k cars and it seems the AAZ is usually
the popular one. It was the only one the local VW/Audi
agents matched. Is the AAZ the one fitted to the manual
200 10V cars or was the 4.11:1 final drive 016 5N?

I hope all this helps. All I can tell is that the 093 is
for the smaller capacity I5 and the 016 for the larger
one. The 016 needs more space, too.

I have some questions on these boxes myself. So for
more knowledgable listers:

   1. Which gearbox matched which engine?

   2. Which gearbox is best suited to the 2.2L I5 10V
      turbo motor in a FWD 200? The 3V's only advantage
      over the AAZ is the final gear (highway cruising,
      top speed). Would the best bet for this car be
      the 016 3K or 016 3U? Does anyone know if the
      3U was fitted into the 200 and how did the performance
      work out? It seems it is fairly highly geared and
      to me at least seems like it needs a powerful motor
      in order to have good accelleration and top end
      speed compared to a car equipped with something like
      the AAZ, 3V or 3K. Help! Eek.

   3. The 016 3U looks like a 'box that needs a big
      powerful motor to drive it. The ratios are
      pretty high. Which car had this? Since the Haynes
      is for the I4 8V and I5 10V NA and turbo cars I
      can but deduct that this thing was fitted to a
      I5 and probably the turbo. Am I right?

   4. Which car/engine had the 5N? It is the only
      'box listed with the 4.11:1 final drive.

   5. The 016 3V looks like a touring/highway version
      of the AAZ, only 5th differs. Which car had it?

   6. Which is the most common 'box here?

Yes, this info goes towards finding a real good manual
box to go in place of my current auto 087 tranny which
now has faulty shifting, spews fluid and probably has
a ruined seal. Call me an idiot if you want, but I
would still like to research the manual boxes I can
get hold of. Basically would like to know which cars had
which box and what the resulting performance was from
the combination. Perhaps I should enter these all into
my accelleration/topspeed simulator program and see
which works better. Help! Eek.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the waste of bandwidth.


PS: flame away if you're one of the folks who hates my
    questions or ideas. I have plenty of fire extinguisher
    space in /dev/null. :)