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Re: UrQ Radiator Fan Upgrade

   Many of you out there may already know this, but for those who don't here 

   I recently did a single rad conversion, thanks to Chris Semple, and I am very 
   pleased with the results. The final piece was a better fan. After a lot of 
   searching at junkyards, Chris accidentally hooked me up again (I had to pull 
   it myself). The 1987 1/2 NG motored coupe has the same UrQ, 4000 5cyl 
   radiator, plus an auxiliary rad, but most importantly it has a 5-blade fan 
   that bolts right in to the UrQ. Importantly it has the two speed hookup, 
   normal and high for AC. Just in  case you care about replacing your 3-blade 

UrQs are three-speed (two via the motor [three-pin connection] -- high and
hurricane for the A/C; the third -- low/engine off -- via external relay-
bypassed dropping resistor) radiator fan setups
   fan. HTH


If you are talking about the "bigger" (more powerful) fan motor (from
the 5000 series? others?), the stock UrQ wiring will *NOT* handle the
load. The relays and fuse box ***WILL NOT*** handle the load.

Just a heads up . . . from one who has replaced much melted wiring,
relays, fuse panels, and the like.