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4kq clunking

I guess my ever faithfull 4kq wants some attention.  I've been having
thoughts of buying a coupe.  Yesterday I heard what I thought was a small
backfire, hmmmm.  Must have been one ot the other cars.  Last night I heard
it again.  Only this time I didn't have the radio on.  Sounds more like a
clunk comming from the right front area.  This occurs only every once in a
while when I start from a stop.  I just recently (this spring) replaced the
struts and bearings.  So I don't susspect the problem is there.  What comes
to mind is bushings.  I recall a recent post about a clunk in the rear
solved with new bushings.  Any other ideas? BTDT? 

86 4kcsq  190k  (I think she's jealous, I went and looked at an S2 last