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Re: Audi A4 1.8T or 2.8

The leather seats will cost you an additional $1320 MSRP; they're not standard.
Sport seats are a $500 option beyond that. The 2.8 is smoother and quieter. Plus,
you get the wood trim from the factory. (You could buy it aftermarket for your
1.8T, if you want it.)

Some folks believe that the turbo motor won't last as long. Maybe some higher
maintenance is involved after you hit 150K mi. Audi engines are known to be
pretty stout.

'98 1.8T qms/sport seats Pearl/opal

Mehoone@aol.com wrote:

> ...I realize that the 2.8 has more horses but am unsure if I want to spend
> another 5 grand for that and leather seats. I really like the 2.8, but have
> nothing to compare it to.  Has anybody driven
> both or  know if the 2.8 is really that much better?

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