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RE: Microfiche reader FS

> In theory, one can use the US fiche readers, BUT doing so will pinch the
> fiche, making further reading / copying impossible.
... perhaps this would be the case for some readers, but I have a small
format reader which doesn't damage the fiche ... the only thing I have to
deal with is the fact that since the parts info is at the top of the fiche I
have to insert it into the reader upside down.  I must say that I am getting
pretty used to reading upside down now ... :)

Years ago I saw a small format reader with an image rotation device (dove
prism or equiv) for sale at a scrap/surplus house ... if I would have known
back then I would have snapped that thing up then ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... still have a large format reader on my Christmas list ... :)