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5KTQ Used for Towing?

I'm currently a 5KSQ owner and have been looking at buying a 5KTQ Avant. 
I would like to use this vehicle for occasional towing, and wanted some 
input. My trailer is about 2700 pounds when fully loaded. I seem to 
remember someone stating here that there were trailering limits in the 
Bentley service manual, but I can't seem to find any reference to them. 
Locally I get opinions ranging from "not recommended for towing" to "as 
long as its a manual transmission and quattro, it will be fine". What is 
the concensus from the list?

Also, what about hitches? Should I try to get a pre-built hitch made for 
this vehicle, or should I just have a custom one fitted? 

Should I walk away from this deal and buy an AWD Safari van?