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Re: 5kTQ suspension --


Man, it's a good thing I read your e-mail just now!

This is the best description and comparison of springs I've encountered
yet!  And, I just bought BOGE Turbo Gas shocks from BLAU for my 5KTQ -- and
was going to bu Eibacks from Wolfsport to go with them -- NOT NOW!

My biggest concern re: springs is that they'll lower the car way too much..
I just received another e-mail from Wolfsport advertising their new
shipment of Eibachs -- and I was about to give them my CC#!

I think I'll just go with the stock springs an BOGEs for now -- unless I
can find a springs that won't lower the car more than 1".

Any recommendations?  -- H&R I've heard are great, but very stiff.  I just
like the height clearance I have now -- PLUS, I do have the Fucks 7" rims
and all I need for the tires to scrape up against the wheel wells.

Like you, I'm looking for that 4KSQ ride and maneuverability -- and it just
won't happen -- at least not without heavy modifications..

Any thoughts on just using stock springs?  am I losing out on a great ride?

Thanks again,.


87 5KCS TQ