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Electrical problems in my 92 S4

I have a 92 Audi S4. Here is my problem:

Fuse #14 keeps blowing. When it blows the antilock brake light comes on,
the sunroof and cruise control don't work, and the rearview mirror
doesn't tilt down when I engage reverse. The fuse doesn't always blow
immediately. Sometimes it will last for several hours before it fails. 

Anybody out there with an early S4 heard of problems like this? It's a
92, with 51500 miles on it. I've had it for 7000 miles, and it has
behaved flawlessly up to now. The car in the local Audi dealer's shop
right now, and his service manager called me today to "prepare me for
the worst", as he put it. They can't find the problem, and will have to
spend hours and hours of diagnostic time (at $65 an hour) tearing the
car apart and looking for frayed wires, etc. 

Anybody out there had similar problems? Thanks in advance for any advice
or BTDTs.

Ben Baldridge
Antenna Laboratory
Tracor Aerospace Electronic Systems, Inc.
Reply to: bbaldrid@aes.tracor.com