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crank front oil seal tool

 -=> Ken Keith illuminates us with <=-

 KK> Does anyone have an advice on what I can use, or where I can get the
 KK> tool  to install a new front oil seal on my Coupe GT?  Got one to lend
 KK> or rent  me?

 KK> I called Zelenda, and they only have a whole set of seal tools for
 KK> $95!   That's okay, I'm going to check around...

 KK> Let me know,

     I'm assuming it's the standard seal used on most engines.
     There is a removal and an installation tool, but I've
     never had a problem removing them with a set of
     "dental tool" style pullers, usually sold for removing
     wood trim and the like. You just have to be REAL careful
     not to score the inside surfaces where the seal sits.
     For installation you just spread a little of the
     Wurth goop on it and it goes in without the need for
     the special tool. Audi specific I've changed both the
     seal on the V8Q and few 5K's without incident.


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