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More Problems of course...

Ok, that last round of problems has been fixed, thanks to whoever suggested
replacing the rear diffs, that fixed so much bumping and knocking...

1.) Odometer is long dead.  The Speed part and computer display still works
but the analog odometer and short distance odometer is dead....Is there
anyway to make this feel better?

2.) The engine still has a problem starting up, it doesn't just fire up,
but it takes about a second before it catches and roar awake.  

3.) Car still nearly stalls out when first started and the pedal needs be
pushed down or else the car will slowly stall.  I've been told this could
be the injectors but I have NO idea how to check...

4.) Getting my windows tinted tomorrow, any suggestions on % tint?
5% = limo
20% = dark
35% = lighter

5.) The sunroof still won't open, even when I grease up the rails it rides
on.  Is there any easy way to pop the sunroof plate off so I can clear any

6.) The glass is getting streaked, obviously by something down in the door,
it';s almost like there's something rubber that is leaving "rubable"
streaks on the window i.e.  The streaks can be rubbed off with a finger.

Any thoughts Audi/Gurus and Gods of the 4 circles?

Brendan Barry
Boston, Massachusetts
Owner of a Glaringly red, 
1987 Audi 4000 CS quattro
Works like a charm, on Sundays.