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Robert, about towing 2700 pounds with your 5K....for my 1990 200 
(automatic) the owner's manual specifically states a limit of 950 
pounds for trailer towed.  You have to be patient and read through a 
number of pages, but it is in there.

I do not recommend your attempting to tow a 2700 pound trailer, for 
two reasons:

1)  No manufacturer I know of makes a HITCH rated for that weight. 
The DaLan hitch on my car is one of the few available, and it has a 
2,000 pound limit.  2700 is too much.

2)  I seriously doubt your vehicle is designed to pull that much 
weight.  Even if I double the weight allowance for a stick tranny, 
you're too high - almost 3x my specification.

I recommend you use another vehicle for this type of towing.
Al Powell
1958 Fiat 1200 Spyder "Transformabile"
1983 Datsun 280ZXT
1990 Audi 200