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Re: Red '91 200TQ FS, Iowa City, Iowa

Just to let everyone know -- this dealer hasn't had the best reputation in
the Iowa City area.  Overpriced and underserviced, IMHO (and many

Being the only Porsche/Audi dealer in the immediate area, they get a
little pricey.

ie. I saw an 86 4k (FWD, AUTO) with a price over $6k.  

Personal experiences and others' apply here... as always, YMMV.  Buyer


On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Rusty A. Schlacke wrote:

> I stopped by the Audi dealer in Iowa City, Iowa.  Besides a nice
> selection of new and used Audi's he had a '91 200 TQ in Red with black
> leather, 64K miles, still has UFO brakes, but otherwise looked to be in
> very good condition.  The contact info is below.  No relation to the
> dealer, just thought someone out there might be look for just such a
> vehicle.  Let me know if anyone wants me to take a closer, more
> personal, look.
> Carousel Motors
> PO Box 2057
> Iowa City, IA 52244
> Telephone: 319-354-2550
> Fax: 319-337-6030
> Rusty A. Schlacke
> Cedar Rapids, Iowa
> '95 A6 quattro (5 speed)

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