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V8 Idle Stabilization Valve

Doug- Some info on the ISV:
1) It is located on the front of the engine visible behind the upper radiator
2)It has a cylindrical body with an electrical connector attached to it and is
painted black .
3)Its purpose is to control the amount of air to the engine when the throttle
is closed. it is controlled by the ECU. It is the same part as used on the CIS
Motronic and CIS-E III equiped cars. It is comprised of  a rotary valve 
and associated armature,acting against an internal spring. With no signal from
the ECU, there should be enough air getting to the engine to allow idle with
throttle closed, but if the valve is dirty, idle problems will exist.
4) The cost of the valve from a dealer is in the $300-$400 range
good luck,HTH

Frank Santoro
1990 V8 (for sale)
1998 A8