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questions for 4kq owners

     Hi folks,

     I've got a couple of questions regarding the new-to-me '84 4kq that I
     bought 2 days ago.  I've been very happy with the overall condition of
     the car and its potential (especially for $500!), but there are a few
     unknowns for me as this is my first quattro (I've had an '83 5kT for 6
     years and do _all_ the work myself).

     1)  The ever-popular vaccuum diff locks.  I need to get the Bentley,
     but in the meantime, could someone give me the quick-and-dirty rundown
     of how to troubleshoot this system?  I had the panel off last night
     and Mityvac'd each of the hoses.  Only one of them held vac (the white
     one that goes to the engine compartment), which I can't believe is
     normal.  I plan on scooting under the car this weekend to replace all
     of the rubber hoses.  Good start?  Is there much in the RB about the

     2)  Another diff lock problem.  Whenever I shift into 5th, the center
     lock light comes on.  My guess is the shift linkage is rubbing on the
     harness somewhere.  Any BTDT's?

     3)  MonkeyLads (tm) strike again!  Last night I found out why I'm
     leaking oil like the Exxon Valdez.  Looks like the boys took the
     impact to the drain plug.  There were actually ribbons of metal
     curling out from under the plug.  Needless to say, it held no torque
     and was difficult to remove, but it is out and so is the oil.  Is
     there a good fix for this?  I do not want to replace the oil pan, and
     I can't believe that there isn't a fix out there.  Just haven't had to
     worry about it before.

     4)  The car needs shifter bushings badly.  The parts seem to be cheap,
     but it looks like a pain to get to.  Any recommendations?  (Huw?)

     That's the first pass.  Looked through the archives, etc.  Any and all
     help appreciated!


     '84 4kq
     '83 5kT
     '80 MC
     '73 C10
     C.I. = 27