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Re: The ULTIMATE cure for those Quattro blues

Was the build quality, and I use the term loosely, as high as that of the Fords
made in the USA at the time? How about the seats. My shop neighbor is a general
domestic car guy, specializing in Fords, and I find most of the ones in his shop
pretty trashed at the age of my 90 90 20v, with only 1/2 to 2/3 the miles, and
the engines and emissions systems are relatively crude. Some German cars had
multipoint fuel injection as early as 1968, Audis in 1975. When did Ford get it?
And why was the purchase price of the Ford so much lower? Maybe the market just
isn`t there. Why did Ford abandon them here? Lotsa questions here. I really like
My Q, more than  any car I`ve ever owned. It`s better in most comparisons than
any of them, although it doesn`t accelerate like my 931 or 72 911, doesn`t haul
cargo like my VWBus, the top doesn`t come off like my 914`s, won`t tow like my
old Chevy pickup, or ride the curl like my kid`s surfboard. However, it`s general
mixture of qualities is high, the build quality is better than most cars, its a
little unusual, and it`s wonderful on the highway, comfortable and secure feeling
at speeds far higher than the speed limits here in California. As we have no
snow,  to speak of, in our part of the state, I cannot comment on it`s ability to
handle those conditions, but I can assure you I didn`t buy it for that. Hope I
kept my flame low, don`t want to overcook the main dish, Andrew, but we`re all
entitled to our opinions, and your`s might be in the minority on this list. Enjoy
your Ford. John.


> In a message dated 7/23/98 8:09:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> Andrew.Jackson@digital.com writes:
> << My advice to all potential 90q20v owners?
>  Get an XR4x4 - its more fun, more rewarding to drive, and is half the price!
>  <stands well back to avoid being flame-grilled>   ;-)
>  Regards,
>  Andrew Jackson (Berkshire, UK)
>   >>
> Points well taken, Andrew.  And, yes, I'm sure you'll have a few flames.
> Of course, the XR4X4 is not available to the majority of listers, as it was
> never imported to the States!
> -Ingo