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When you "flash to pass" both filaments are lit while you are holding the
the stalk toward the steering wheel.  When the stalk is the "highbeam
position" the low beam filaments are not lit.

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> From:	Winslow Douglas [SMTP:WDouglas@fmarathon.com]
> Sent:	Thursday, July 23, 1998 9:57 AM
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> Subject:	HIGH BEAM
> I wanted an opinion from the collective. I've just noticed that for the
> high beam lights on my 88 90q, when flicked toward the steering wheel
> (when I'm flashing someone to turn off their highbeam) I've realized
> that it is much brighter and the pattern is better than when the
> highbeam is left in the on position. Is this because something is wrong
> with my system? Or is it suppose to be that way? If not how can I get it
> brighter without changing to higher wattage bulbs.
> Winslow Douglas
> 88 90q Toronto Ont.