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V8 UFO Brake Conversion

Hi Everyone,

I would like to convert the brakes on my 1990 V8 from the so-called UFO
brakes to the conventional brakes. A couple of people have been kind enough
to give me some pointers off the list but I am in need of more detailed
information. I was told that I need the brakes, hubs, and struts from an S4
and the steering arms from a 200. My dealer is of no help whatsoever and in
fact is trying to discourage me from doing the conversion. Is the
information that I have so far, accurate? If it is accurate, what year of
S4 and 200 do I need? Why can I not use everything from a 200? Would I use
the springs from my V8 or use the ones from the S4 or 200? Any help with
these questions and any other information you might have, such as part
numbers, would be most appreciated.