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Re: questions for 4kq owners

I would think the easiest (least time consuming) method would
be to get a drain plug in the next larger thread size (if possible)
and grease up a tap and tap out the hole to that size.
If you can remove the oil pan without too much of a headache,
then the whole process would be simplified as you wouldn't
have to worry about shavings.

Other idea: (?)
If you can remove the oil pan. drill out the hole, have a welding
shop weld a rod into the hole as a plug and then drill and retap
the hole to the proper size for a nice new drain plug.

Charles.DePenning@frco.com wrote:

>      3)  MonkeyLads (tm) strike again!  Last night I found out why I'm
>      leaking oil like the Exxon Valdez.  Looks like the boys took the
>      impact to the drain plug.  There were actually ribbons of metal
>      curling out from under the plug.  Needless to say, it held no torque
>      and was difficult to remove, but it is out and so is the oil.  Is
>      there a good fix for this?  I do not want to replace the oil pan, and
>      I can't believe that there isn't a fix out there.  Just haven't had to
>      worry about it before.

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