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Re: '86 5KS Control Arm

I'm assuming you have the car on jack stands. Assemble as stated,
the reverse of dis-assembly, when it comes time to hook up the
sway bar, use your jack to compress the suspension.

I replaced sway bar bushings on my fiance's car and had to do
the exact same thing.

HTH. (maybe I'm wrong in your case?)

Golda, David wrote:

>                 While working on my front end I found that I had to
> replace the bushing in my control arm.  Disassembly of the front end
> wasn't too bad; however,  now that I'm trying to put it back together
> I'm having problems.  If I reverse the disassembly process step by step,
> I can't get the sway bar in the proper position to get the bushings,
> washers and nut connected to the control arm.  Eventually I was able to
> install the ball joint and get the control arm and sway bar connected
> but now I can't get the control arm bolted in it's proper position in
> the subframe.
>                 Help Me!
>                                                 Dave

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