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Re: questions for 4kq owners

i own an 86 4kq, but believe the vac. system is the same.  There's a
vaccuum servo on the side of the transmission with little in/out (?)
tubes sticking from it.  you can see it if you remove the r/f wheel and
look through the opening.  check vac. there first.  i'm hoping someone
else will chime in to give the particulars here.

The diff light coming on in 5th happened to me after R&Ring the
tranmission for a clutch.  I switched the wires for the upshift light
and the diff lock indicator (wires located above driveshaft at rear of
transmission).  Next time i was under there, just grabbed some
needlenose pliers (to reach the wires) and switched 'em back.

Remove the oil pan and perhaps you can retap it with a big ol' tap and
get a new plug from another car or a hardware store (would it have to be
bigger??).  If you can use the same plug, then swell.  Otherwise, a
replacement pan from a junkyard shouldn't be too many $$s.

I haven't btdt as far as the bushings are concerned, but if you're under
there checking wires and servos, maybe you'll see an alternate route!

have fun,