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Spotted FS: 2 type 44's

Hi Folks,
    I spotted two very interesting Quattros for sale. 

Car 1: 1988 5000csq. Pearl White on Black Leather, Sport seats (with
Alcantara inserts), 142,000 miles, originally from California, 2nd owner,
according to the owner it is well maintained. He has a IA chip/spring mod
ready to install. Fuchs with Hakkas, MSW's with something for summer. 
Asking Price: $4000., Will sell the IA mod separately.

Car 2: 1989 200q, Early 89. 137,000 miles. Pearl White on Grey Sport Seats.
X-Drilled Rotors, H&R Springs, Boge Turbos, Boost Guage in Dash, Rear
Fenders rolled (very nice, body shop done), New Timing Belt, New Front
Seals (Cam and Crank), new H20 Pump, new rear wheel bearing (both), new
Control Arms, new Tire rods, practically new MIch MXV4's, AC blows Cold,
new exhaust manifold gasket and studs. The car has a chip boost mod in it
that may be an IA mod (ned wasn't able to confirm or deny) or maybe a QLCC
mod. Since nobody on the list fessed up to selling it for a Mercedes, I
doubt it's a QLCC mod. The car is from Georgia (recently). 

Two Problems: (1) Leaking steering rack and (2) three small cracks in the
Exhaust manifold. 

This car belongs to a friend of mine who happens to own a garage of his
own. He's selling the car because he just acquired a 928 that he plans to
use as his daily driver, and he's got too many toys. He already bought a
new steering rack for the car, but hasn't had time to install it yet. I've
driven and checked out this car myself and it is very nice. Igor has met
the owner and seen his shop, but I don't think he looked over the car. 

Selling price (not asking) $6800 (with the rack installed). If you want to
install the rack yourself, he'll throw it into the trunk and drop the price
$200. The exhaust manifold shouldn't be a major problem because he just
replaced the gasket and studs. He didn't notice the cracks until the last

Drop me a line if anyone wants further information on this particular car.
I think it'll sell quickly. 

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K
92 Miata, auto, 6K, For Sale