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86 5ks control arm

>Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 07:43:45 -0500
>From: "Golda, David" <DGolda@metropo.mccneb.edu>
>Subject: '86 5KS Control Arm
>		While working on my front end I found that I had to
>replace the bushing in my control arm.  Disassembly of the front end
>wasn't too bad; however,  now that I'm trying to put it back together
>I'm having problems.  If I reverse the disassembly process step by step,
>I can't get the sway bar in the proper position to get the bushings,
>washers and nut connected to the control arm.  Eventually I was able to
>install the ball joint and get the control arm and sway bar connected
>but now I can't get the control arm bolted in it's proper position in
>the subframe.
>		Help Me!
>						Dave

Loosen both sides, right and left, of the sway bar mounting. It fits
together, but you have to install/tighten the sway bar mounts up front last.

Sequence that worked for me when I changed one control arm was

	inner end of control arm into subframe, (do this FIRST!!)

	lower ball joint (strut bottom to outer end of control arm)

	sway bar into control arm

	re-assemble front sway bar mounts. You'll need an open end wrench to slide
into the top nuts for the sway bar mounts - if you use a box wrench, it
gets trapped when you tighten the bolts. Loosening (as in removing) the
front mounts gives you enough slack to shove the parts around so you can
line them up for reassembly.

You should jack up the car in front - not just one side. 

(Mine is also an 86 5 KS . . .)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman