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Re: V8 UFO Brake Conversion


One more point regarding your contemplation of UFO conversion, taking into
account Phil Rose's points:

1. If you can actually do the conversion properly for $1000., that's one
helluva deal.  Once you go to the trouble of a swap, you are well advised to
change the bearings at the same time.  Zimmerman or Brembo rotors can be had
at a discounted price of $60-65 per.  Etc.

2. Phil's point on V8 weight is a good one.  You're talking just under
4000lbs here.

3. On the superior stopping ability of UFOs, I don't buy it.  Look at the
specs for, say, the S4 in R&T or C&D.  That car weighs 200 lbs more than the
'91 200Q.  Stopping distance from 80mph is 252 for the '91 with UFOs, and
247 for the S4.  The front and rear brake setup on the S4 is the same as the
'91 if you do the conversion.  (However, the figures for the V8 with UFOs
are a bit better, don't ask me why)

4.  The pad surface area of the G60s is larger than the UFO caliper, and the
dual piston setup should be an improvement, but you lose out in the smaller
overall circumference of the 276mm rotor.  On the other hand, with the
peculiar design of the UFOs and the considerable inside shrouding they use,
they have cooling problems under some conditions.  THe principle benefit of
larger rotors (as I understand it) is/should be superior heat dissipation.???  

5. Here's some good compromise advice.  Before you spend the money, pull one
or both of the UFOs and have them mic'ed.  THe wear limit on those is .905".
If you've got considerably more meat on them than that, what's the hurry?
My UFOs worked great, and I kicked myself for making the change, not because
the G60s are in any way inferior.  They're not. But because it was money
better spent elsewhere.  THen I mic'ed the UFOs.  One of them measured .897"
and the other was .910"  All second guessing went away for me.

6. UFOs do feel a bit different.  They have what I'd call a 'fat' feel, and
they are effective.  But I contend that this is mostly subjective.  But I'm
speaking for the 200Q.  For the V8, I might feel differently, and be more
inclined to follow Phil Rose's advice.

7. Last point--and sorry to go on so long--the unsprung weight differential
is MINIMUM.  True fact.  I weighed one of my UFOs (as I said here before).
19 lbs.  The 276mm rotors must weigh at least 10 lbs, maybe more.  The
weight difference in the calipers isn't very much.  
8. THe most compelling reason to switch out UFOs is flexibility, and perhaps
cost if the rotors are a constant pain.  Given that the V8 is unique in so
many ways anyway, flexibility might not be as compelling a reason as for the
lighter 200Q.  

By the way, I got a lot of very sound advice from many listers, from Sarge
Schutt to Ben Howell, before I cast my lot with the G60 infidels.

- Jim 

At 06:03 PM 7/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 02:19 PM 7/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Why go from an excellent set of brakes to something that's not as good?
>>Price for brake job? I don't think so. Below is a quote from Douglas Glanz:
>>"I have done some research into parts.
>>The rotors are around $290 (and going down) from Shokan
>>(1-800-ALL-AUDI).  And the pads are down to $89 for REMZAs from
>>BLAUfergnugen in Manitowoc, WI.  Their number is 920-758-3232.  So,
>>when a brake job costs $700 if you do it yourself, it's hard to
>>justify $2500 to modify the car."
>>91 V8Q with UFOs and boy, does this car stop...
>Hi Peter,
>I cannot see where the $2500 figure comes from. If in fact S4 and 200 parts
>will work, the whole swap will be around $1000 for something that
>supposedly stops better, handles better because of reduced unsprung weight,
>and is cheaper to fix. The conventional rotors are a quarter of the price
>of the UFOs. If the UFOs were so great, why did Audi stop using them on
>later V8s?
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