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Re: 14-inch Potenza RE-71 RIP

Smith, Kirby A decided to speak these words:

>I am informed by the Tire Rack that they no longer stock the Bridgestone
>Potenza RE-71 tires in 195/60VR14 size, or other 14-inch sizes.  Although
>they are still listed on the Bridgestone web site, my local source claims
>these tires are no longer available.   Waaahhh.  These perform very well in
>wet and dry conditions on my 90q, and wear acceptably with spirited driving.
>(4/ 32s wear in 13000 miles.)  I was anticipating replacing them with like
>type, but will have to start considering alternatives.  (Or else upgrade to
>15-inch wheels.)

Well, there is still the sport 8000...one hell of a tire


Michael Sheridan Williams
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