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Re: PLEASE HELP: 1995 A6Q 5spd.

where did he get it? audi dealer or from some individual. Also what is the
current milage?
if he got it from a audi dealer, he should get them to certify it. good for
5yrs/75k from ISD. good coverage, almost as good as the new car warranty, just
doesn't cover wear-n-tear stuff but just about every thing else is covered, and
only $25 or $50, i don't remember which, one time deductable for the rest. If
he got it from an individual he could still try to get the dealer to certify
it, my dealer did it for $500, and even replaced some interior trim. Plus if
the car is still under the factory warranty, the certified warranty doesn't
start untill the factory one expires.
sean 96A6q

Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:

> To:   quattro
> A friend of mine just purchased a 1995 A6 Q with a 5 speed.
> He is pondering the purchase of an extended warranty for 4 years or 48K
> miles.
> The cost of the warranty is $1400.  I told him that I would probably do it.
> Any of you folks or owners have thoughts on the subject?
> Your help is much appreciated.
> Please reply to me directly or to the list.
> Paul Royal
> 90 90Q20v
> Paul_Royal@IDX.COM