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RE: oh well!(kaboom)

>>I seem to remember reading that 1 cup of gas at the proper air/fuel ratio
>>will lift one ton 1,000 feet...people just _don't_ realize how dangerous
>>gas and gas vapor is...
>Actually, this sounds a bit low to me ... after all, one gallon of gas will
>propel one ton of car 40 miles or more!  ;^)

That's not a valid comparison; one involves changing the object's potential
energy(basically, its height*mass.)  The other is changing its velocity,
which requires an initial change in kinetic energy(velocity*mass) and then
countering air, rolling, and mechanical(engine/drivetrain) friction.

Egad.  You've heard of LDS flashbacks; I just had a late-nite Physics
flashback :o


Brett Dikeman
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