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'85 4000s quattro for sale

Hey everybody-
I have finally decided to give up on holding on to my old 4000 s quattro.
It was hit on the left side by a damn mini-van about a year and a half
ago.  Left side front door, rear door are bent as well as small damage to
the left rear quater panel.  B pillar is also bent in approx. 2".  Car
still runs fine, despite having over 200k.  It has new tires and the
original rims are still in respectable condition (some minor, barley
noticable curb scrapes).  Engine is in great shape and it will drive
90mph all day. Muffler is developing rust in back, so its starting to get
a little on the loud side.
My guess is that fixing the car would be more trouble than its worth, but
it is full of great parts and the right side, rear, and front body panels
are fine minus some oxidizing red paint.
The car has the chocolate brown leather interior in fair shape with only
splits in the drivers seams(very repairable)
I live in Seattle, WA
Price is $500 to cover the deductable to pay for the damage caused to my
newly acquired '91 200q during an attempted break in (I've had it only a
month and some punk pried into the rear quarter glass, only to set off the
alarm and run away, I should get it back tommorow from the body shop after
the $700 repair).

Please email me directly if interested.
Andy Martinsen
'85 4000s quattro (for sale)
'87 Sterling 825s (never, ever buy one of these, also for sale)
'91 200 quattro 20v