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10v turbo air filter removal

Does anyone have any tips or hints for removing (& installing) the air
filter on a 89 10v turbo Q? I always _thought_ it would be a pain to get
at, but when I tried it, it was more than just a pain. Damn near
impossible. I removed the metal pipe from the whole filter housing, then to
..the turbo?. So that gave me a little more room to access the filter box,
but it was still an exercise in futility..

Oh, and is there a good source for K&N filters/recharge 'kits' on the web?
I just ran out of filter oil and filter cleaner (at the same time!), and no
place around here has anything like that. (!)

brooks		-fort collins/laporte area, n. colorado, USA-
[ brooks@frii.com    '89.5 200Q @ 1.8    S&W Sigma 9F 17+1 ]