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re: V8 UFO Brake Conversion

IMHO the V8/S4/20vt 200 are all underbraked with either the UFOs or the G60s.

The G60s are fine for my urq that is almost a full 1000 lbs. lighter than
our V8.  However even with great street/track pads on the V8, the braking
is marginal at best on the long, steep, curvy roads we have to drive each day.

If any of you V8/S4/20vt 200 owners are contemptating the UFO to G60
conversion, you owe it to yourself to go for a ride in Ingo's V8 (East
Coast) or Paul Rivera's S4 (West Coast I believe)

If Audi thought the G60 setup was so great, why did they greatly increase
the size of the rotors and calipers on the A8/S8?  Those cars don't weigh
that much more than our V8.

The G60 conversion is a cost driven compromise.  My personal opinion is
that if you're willing to spend $1500 on this conversion, I'd spend the
extra 50% and go with one of the other Brembo systems out there or convert
to the A8 brakes.  If you go the Brembo route and keep the parts you take
off, you can always swap the old stuff back onto the car if you sell it.
This assumes you will never be able to recoup the cost of the brake
conversion when you sell the car!

You know, converting to the A8 brakes may be less than the cost of doing a
G60 conversion if you have a caliper mounting bracket fabricated and can
get the A8 calipers used.

Sorry I stirred the pot.  Getting off soap box now...