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For all you Mechanical Whizzes...

A friend of mine has some type of electrical problem with his Pontiac

I know you guys can help --

Sometimes when he's driving along, he'll hit the brakes and the car will
simply cut out completely.  Not just the engine, bur everything -- all
electrical stuff -- everything.

Here's the glitch -- sometimes it happens when he's just driving along --
for no reason - wen he doesn't hit the brakes.

He had these symptoms a year ago -- and the dealer replaced the alternator
and it was fine.  Now it's happening again, and they dealer has no idea
what's up.

I told him I think it might be a faulty relay switch -- or some wire or
connection to the alternator -- have any ideas>?

You're help is appreciated -- I know this problem happens all the time with
Audis, so hopeful you guys can help.

87 5KCS TQ
85 4KS Q