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RE: Tires for 89 200qtw

Ed Kellock wrote: 
>>You want the best street tire you can buy for wet and dry roadholding?
The SP8000 gets my vote.

>Unfortunately, I believe our fellow lister intends to keep the stock 15"
wheels.  I could not find a suitable size SP8000 for 15" >wheels, hence I
opted for the SP4000.  (The D40M2's in the right size were unavailable too).
>Ed .... G'ville, SC  USA
>91 200q Avant (Dunlop SP4000 225-60ZR15)

Well, I hear lots of good things about the SP8000's too.  And I'm wondering
what tires to put on the stock 15 inch wheels of my 91 200q avant.

I believe the SP8000 is available in 205/55-15 which would fit on these
wheels.  Would that size be OK?
If not, what other performance type tire (and size) would be a good choice?
  I see that both the SP8000 and D40M2 are available in 225/50-15, but the
price is higher. 

I realize the 15 inch wheels limit my choices.  But I'd like to hear
recommendations from others who are using this size wheel on this type of
The tire calculators give interesting feedback, but they are dumb.  Some of
them don't account for the wheel width, and they don't say anything about
whether a particular size is a good idea for that wheel.

Dave Conner
Columbus, OH