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Re: Mine e-mail ist kaput!

>Hello all,
>I got home yesterday fired up the e-mail, only to see that I had a whopping 
>22 messages. This obviously doesn't jive with the 160 message a day average. 
>Something wrong with my e-mail. Since I've got allot of things in the works 
>with some of you I thought I would post this to give you my work e-mail 
>(where I am sending this message from) so that you can still get a hold of 
>Also if any of my S list compatriots could forward this message on, I'd 
>appreciate it.
>Finally, I am trying to epoxy two hard plastic pieces together. I've tried 3 
>different epoxies and not only do the pieces fail to bond, but the dried 
>epoxy can be easily & completely peeled off using a finger nail. Any 

One suggestion on the epoxy.  I am not sure who makes it or what it is
called, but any auto paint store or body shop should know.  I think it is by
3m and it comes in 2 tubes.  The stuff is amazing.  It will glue ANYTHING
together.  Also, there is another type of adhesive that I think it trim
adhesife that is used to glue trim to cars and it black and comes in a tube
or gun tube type deal that works great too.  As long as you are not using
these on really hot things like a motor head or block, either should work
great.  One note, they are kind of expensive.  IE:  The first epoxy I
mentioned is about $40 for about 8 (I think) ozs.