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87 5KCST for sale

Hi everyone,

I'm putting my 87 5KCST up for sale (I need to get a wagon or something else with more room due to a new addition to the family).

Here are the specs:

142k miles
Automatic(3 spd)
drivetrain perfect; engine is very strong (Mobil 1 since 70K)
Taupe color (sort of like tan with a bit of a salmon undertone)
tan leather interior (interior in great shape except for a couple of seat seam tears)
15" 5 spoke wheels with D60A2s

Here's what it needs:

driver's side door handle
driver's side window regulator(I think)
driver's side seat heater
driver's side power lock
maybe an ac controller (possibly just a vacuum motor)--center vents are in/op

It's had most of the usual big things done:

steering rack
hyd pump
wheel bearings
blower motor
exhaust manifold (1-piece)

I'm asking $2700

I'm located in Southern Vermont (2hours from Boston)

--Steve Brehm