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Drag racin' (Totally non-Audi content)

In message <> Mike Arman writes:

> I was a passenger in a F*rd tow truck on US-1, just south of Miami (this
> was 1971 or 2), maniac named "Sonny" was driving the truck, g/f also in
> front seat. Someone in a hot something or other (I don't remember what it
> was) decided HE was going first - Sonny took exception to this and floored
> it, ran through the gears like a GP racer, and left Mr. Hotshot in the dust
> up to about 70 mph, where Mr. Hotshot (wisely) decided there was too much
> traffic to play like this - what was amazing was Hotshot's expression when
> he realized not only had he been blown off by a f*'n raggedy old TOW TRUCK,
> but we had a junk VW Beetle on the hook as well! I did mention that "Sonny"
> was a lunatic, didn't I?

_NEVER_ race a beat-up tow truck.  You have no idea what that mechanic
has been up to in his spare time.

One of the more impressive little moments today at Coy's - amongst all
the preserved, restored and just plain old racing cars of the last
hundred years, was one guy who's restored a truck.  It was used to
transport a Grand Prix team in the Fifties, and he's doing a ground-up
restoration that's about half done.  The impressive thing was the sound
of the engine, a six-cylinder inline diesel.  It sounded absolutely
_BEAUTIFUL_.  I haven't heard a diesel sound that good before - ever.

 Phil Payne
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