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P/N for bushing on Cruise Control Rod

Well, I thought it was obvious on the 5k fiche, but I was wrong.  I don't
remember exactly where I saw it before, but I pored over all of the fiches
that I have, and the fiche for the V8, A8 and Coupe Quattro do give the
number as 811 907 423 ... I am pretty sure that this will work on almost any
car with cruise control, perhaps with the exception of the A4, because I
found that ALL cars used the exact same part for the cruise control actuator
(811 907 327 B).  I checked everything I had from the QTC to the A8 and all
but the A4 uses this part.  I suppose I should add the caveat that I only
checked US spec cars, but I can't see any reason it would be different
anywhere else ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)