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Re: S4 questions

1.  I am not sure if they are options, but I have a 92 and I also drove a 93
With out the computer.  

2.  My 92 does not have UFO.  

3.  Chech the antilock valves or computers (do not do this yourself, take it
to a shop), or check to see if the fuse is pulled on the ABS.  Also
investigate the Anti slip diff.  There could be mixed signals here that is
allowing the ABS to not work.  93 I drove did not have the on off button.

4.  Not sure about comparison to a V6 but the filter is about $7 and it
takes about 5 quarts of oil.  Service is like most Audi's.  Change the
timing best at 60k.  I think the process if you pay someone to do it is
about $350-400  (don't quite remember though).  O2 sensor is for a standard
5 non turbo is about $400 from the dealer.  However, check for an equal
bosch substitute from any bosch retailer.  I bet you can get it for about
$30.  Regular belts usually start to give up around 60K also.  I have 3
Audis and none have needed hoses.  YEars are 91 and 92.  With miles from 45K
 to 130K.  Spark plugs from a bosch distributor not the dealer are about $18
each and usually start running rough around 40.  DO NOT BUT A CHEAP
SUBSTITUTE PLUG.  THey all suck.  Brakes are not bad.  Never done rotors on
my S4 though.  Pads are so inexpensive I don't even remember the cost.  The
cars loves tires!  Especially when driven with zeal.  I went through one set
at about 15k and the last has lasted about 30k.  Note, the bushings on the
front are prone to go bad after about 40k.  So check for clunks and
alignment.  Costs about $800 to do them all.  Check the exhaust systems. 
The mufflers seem to puke out early if the car has been used as a city car
rather then a highway car.  Muffler or resonator are an average of about
$1000 each.  I have replaced them with dynomax and they seem better built
then the original.  And sound better too.  

>I looked at a nice (they all are) '93 S4 in Atlanta today and wanted to
>know a few things.
>1. Were trip computers options, this one didn't have one.
>2. Do the S4's have the UFO brakes
>3. The "antilock" icon was lit on the dash, but couldn't find the
>antilock on/off button on by the hazzard/heated seat switches.
>4.  Are oil changes and 15k/30/60k/90k services about the same price as
>servicing the V6's?
>Appreciate any info.