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Re: help w/ book value

Huw Powell wrote:
<<Anyone have easy access to a figure for me?  Or where to look?  1982 Audi
Coupe, 254,689 miles.......  

  Both the Kelley Blue Book and the N.A.D.A. (North American Dealers
Association, I think) have web sites.  Kelley is at www.kbb.com and NADA is at
www.nadaguides.com.  Kelley is pretty good but NADA is pretty low on content
and their online guides are under construction.  
  I got a price from Kelley but I won't tell you what it showed for your car
because that would take the fun out of it for you.  Since the NADA site is not
complete yet though, I will tell you what the book shows.  I'm using the May
through August '98 book for older used cars.  Because it covers so many older
cars, it doesn't have the specific additions or deductions for various
equipment....just an average.  
  They list your car at $500 for average trade-in, $550 for average loan, and
$1650 for average retail.  However, they also list a deduction for high
mileage of $725 (so give me $225 and I'll take the car off you hands =<I>)</I>
).  They do state though that the high mileage deduction should not exceed 40%
of the trade-in value.  
Bryan Carter</PRE></HTML>