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Odd valve on old ur-quattro

It seems that all ur-quattros have two little holes drilled in the small
plate that protrudes forward into the engine bay under the coil.

On the MB engine, this plate is the mounting location for the wastegate
frequency valve - on WRs, it's usually empty.

I met a car today that has an electrically-operated valve mounted to
this plate.  It's a simple affair - a solenoid (embossed '12v DC' in
German lettering) seems to pull a small actuator (three dimes glued
together) out of the way and allow an airway that enters at 90 degrees
to the valve's axis to communicate with a line on the axis.  The
input(?) line is connected to pre-throttle body air - boost or vacuum,
but usually boost when this sort of thing is expected to do its stuff.

The outlet is just a hose, something less than a foot long.  The
internal diameter is much too great for the top of the wastegate.  At
the moment, this hose is hanging free in the engine bay.  I can't work
out where it's supposed to go.

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