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RE: Bad guys, good guys, morons, 100LS cheap [no Audi content]

The day I picked up my S4, I cam back to find that my three-pointed star on
my wife's Merc. had been yanked, damaging the hood in the process. I asked
the Merc. newsgroup for suggestions (removable stars, flush covering plates,
etc.), and one guy had a truly wonderful answer, which he claimed to have
used, with success:

"take the star to a local knife shop, and get them to put a real sharp edge
on it, under the surface it's  good enough to make razor blades out of"

That way, rather than coming out in the morning to see if the star's
missing, I only have to come out and look for blood on the hood, and a
bandage on the hand of one of my neighbor's kids.

BTW, Chris (OK, uncontrollable rage precludes this kind of patience), if you
had the license plate of the truck that did that, couldn't you have bided
your time and repaid him more safely with interest? Discovering a home
address from a license plate isn't _that_ difficult... That said, if someone
keys the S4 and I find them, I may change my opinion of the Brady Bill...


> Mike Arman wrote:
> > Bad guy #1. or children who play with rocks will be dismembered with
> > red-hot tire irons. One of above threw a rock and broke the WS of my car
> > last weekend. Good thing my wife's a lawyer; She'll defend me on charges
> > justifiable atrocious assault (assuming I ever catch the little dirtbag,
> > AND assuming the judge knows about Audis.).
> >
> Don't count on it.  When my A4 got keyed, I broke out the side
> window of the guy's
> truck who did it.  (BTW, I was in an uncontrollable rage--not
> usually a loonie)
> Let's just say I have 9 charges (1 a felony) against me still.
> My lawyer hopes he
> can get it dropped with 100 hrs of community service.  He doesn't
> think the judge
> will care that its an Audi.  AND if I pay to replace his
> windshield.  BTW, I had to
> pay for my key marks myself.  How fair.
> Chris