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Front end rebuild questions

My '85 Coupe GT recently developed a sort of growling noise, and
uncomfortable steering feedback; both of which increase with speed. My
alignment shop diagnosed it as a bad drivers side wheel bearing by hoisting
one wheel in the air at a time and driving it up to speed to hear noise/ check
balance. I'm having them replace it Monday morning and install new Boge
Turbos, Ferodo brake pads, and new Ates if the current rotors are too thin. I
wanted Bilsteins but with all this other work, and the unexpected bearing,
Boges get the nod. Quite nicely, the shop allows me to buy all the parts
elsewhere, and they'll install them. A local warehouse out priced Shox.com,
selling the Boges at $63 front/ $49 rear. 
	The left tie rod end's rubber cover is ripped, but a different shop said it
was still OK because it was still tight. Shouldn't it be replaced anyway?
Supposedly, the left ball joint has play; should the right side also be
replaced, as preventive maintenance? Any recommendations on other items to
replace while it's all apart? At least all the bushings are good, they can
stay a while longer. I'll pay that labor bill when I _have to_. 
Shane East (apartment dweller, who misses parents' garage)